Monday, 30 August 2010

WoW - Don't you just love it?

After finishing up my little blog about the COD series I thought I'd jump right in and make another about WoW.

I currently mainly play my level 80 priest "Vive" however I also have a rogue on level 80 but find him a complete wank fuckstain to play because rogues are shit and make me want to kill myself (full fucking stop).
Yes I have two priests and two mages, before you ask, I have no fucking idea why. Before I carry on, i'm only going to be talking about my priest and priests in general I'm not going to mention my Rogue because as previously stated, it quite simply makes me want to kill myself. I created my priest just before WotLK was realeased and only recently got it to level 80 (I say recently - I mean about 4 months ago.)

I <3 my UI, currently using Bartender 4, Sexymap and Quartz however obviously in raids as a Disc healer i use VuhDo/Healbot/Grid ect. ect. ect. As you can see from the picture my priest isn't that badly geared however I wouldn't say it was great 5704 Gearscore with some very bad items such as Zabra's chest which is fucking horrible to say the least, Then I have some PvP gear cluttered in my PvE set because that's how I roll -bitches. Soooooooooooooo I haven't really said much about my spec so I guess i'll talk about that however uninteresting it is. I'm currently 57/14/0 which, of course, is obviously a healing spec I find it pretty fun to play mainly due to me being able to spam Flash Heal/Penance and not run out of mana, though I haven't been far as a Healer only about 6 bosses in ICC10/25 I say "about" because I don't care to look tbh. That's all I can really think of to write right now, sadly, reading back on what I just wrote it's severly uninteresting and boring so i'm guessing you haven't even gotten this far yet - If you have WELL FUCKING DONE.
-Pixelstalking, out.

Re-inventing this blog

After a considerable amount of thinking I have decided this blog will be about practically anything that's on my mind such as gaming, music and even Politics on the off day that it actually intrests me.

So, to kickstart this re-invention i'm going to start with a little of what I have to say on the Call Of Duty series.

 Okay so I started playing the COD series from COD2 and have played every single one of them since then - Personally, COD2 was easily my favourite with actual REAL sniping none of this "quick-scope" and "no-scope" bull it's possibly the only game in the COD series that i can say I actually enjoyed sniping. Onto my next topic COD3... there's nothing much to say about that apart from the amount of dick it sucked (alot) however I did enjoy driving into dead cows on the quads. COD4 in my opinion was great, a real laugh to play and a game that didnt "dry out" that quick I could literally play for hours and not get bored - which brings me onto my next topic MW2, seriously, WTF. MW2 is fucking horrible I can't say that i enjoy anything about that game, I really cant, apart from possibly getting luck-throws with throwing knifes which is just fucking gay.

To sum it up, imo COD2 was easily the best game in the series (currently) however I have high hopes for Black Ops.

So yeah that was my first actual blog and suprisingly enough I kind of enjoyed it. No doubt nobody actually gives a shit about what I was saying (I don't blame you) and no doubt people actually won't read this.
-Pixelstalking out, brothers. 

Edit: I realise I missed my opinion out on World At War, simply because it doesn't deserve an opinion the utter shit that it is.